Bloons Tower Defence is tiny defence game in which you buy various towers from the shop, upgrade them to burst the balloons before it reaches the end of the maze. The balloons travel in a maze and try to reach the end, your objective is to burst them before they escape the maze without burst.… Read More

Spider Solitaire is another version of popular game Solitare, Here you need make a combination or pack or cards within a specific time slot to make the highest score, Its another game to increase your mind power and very fun and addictive game to play. Card games are one of the oldest and popular games… Read More

Card games are one of the oldest and popular games around the world. Solitaire is one of the most played and oldest among them. Chose the level, hard, medium or easy and start moving the cards around using the mouse. You have to stack the cards of one suit or colour depending on your difficulty.… Read More

Rubik’s cube is a popular puzzle game mostly available in physical form as a toy however if you don’t have one you can play it online too. Play one of the most popular game, try to get the cube in the original form where every side of the cube is one colour. Turn, rotate the… Read More

Worlds hardest game is a maze game in which you have to cleverly navigate avoiding the collision. You are mostly assigned a colour and a slow-moving dot or square, you then move to the end of the maze avoiding the collision from other colour dots moving rapidly. It is really tricky game and you need… Read More

Fireboy and Watergirl is an interesting game in which players are provided with a fireboy and watergirl. The blue watergirl and red fireboy are to be moved around the maze and collect diamond but beware of blue, red and green lakes. The blue watergirl must avoid red lakes and red fireboy must avoid blue lakes… Read More